Thursday, January 31, 2013

DNP and Extra-Cellular Matrix

Listen to how Nevaline, with DNP, can nurture and protect the all-important extra-cellular matrix of your skin.  Your skin is constantly fighting enzymes that breakdown its structure or matrix.  DNP, like a fountain of youth within you, helps to decrease those destructive enzymes, and thereby delay the aging process.  This will help your skin maintain its softness, beauty and health.  Once again, DNI scientists Dr. Krys Bojanowski and Dr. Tony Shum, experts on aging, and DNI clinical researchers since 2008, will tell you more:

Monday, January 28, 2013

NOT too Good to be True

                                          James week #4 experience

Although a fine wine takes much time, in three weeks, James Moseley has seen that Nevaline can have quite an effect on his skin.  Already the fine lines around his eyes are not as obvious, and with continued use, they will continue to fade.  Nevaline truly is an anti-aging serum.  It contains DNP, the natural human protein that helps your body make healthy skin, like you had when you were a baby.  If this SOUNDS too good to be true, visit our found out more about the Nevaline, the fountain of youth within you.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Healthy Skin for All to See

                                         Cyrus Week #3 Experience

“My, what healthy skin you have!”  Cyrus Wu is back again in this third video, and he’s been using Nevaline, the one-of-a-kind, anti-aging serum from the DermaCare Neuroscience Institute for about two weeks now.  Others are beginning to notice the healthy changes in his skin.  The inflammation and redness are fading, and his skin is not burning as easily.  He’s pretty happy so far, but honestly, we are not surprised.  We have great confidence in Nevaline, and once you start using it, you will too!  Found out more about the phenomenal science behind this breakthrough product at

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DNP and Hyaluronic Acid

Can an acid help beautify your skin?  Listen in and learn how Nevaline, with DNP, helps to keep moisture in place by stimulating and preserving something your skin craves called hyaluronic acid.  It’s an important substance that keeps your skin soft, supple and healthy.  Once more, DNI scientists and clinical researchers since 2008, Dr. Krys Bojanowski and Dr. Tony Shum, experts on aging and skin, will tell you more about this amazing acid your skin, beautiful skin, needs and loves!

So, What’s Your Secret?

monday, JANUARY 21, 2013

James Week #3 Experience

Can Nevaline not only restore but also protect against the effects of future aging?  James Moseley, PGA professional, has been using it for two weeks now.  His skin is brighter and has a healthier glow to it.  How is that possible?  Nevaline is not a cosmetic and not a sunscreen.  It is an anti-aging serum that penetrates deeply into your skin, and regulates and restores healthy skin cells.  The secret is DNP, a potent, signal peptide with many anti-aging benefits your skin craves.  James has been pleasantly surprised and is hopeful that by continuing to use Nevaline, his skin will improve even more.  It will.  Find out why we are so confident at

The Real Deal Anti-aging Serum


                                                       Cyrus Week #2 Experience
We think you’re going to become a believer too. . . .  It’s been a week now for Cyrus Wu, our professional golfer / reluctant sun-worshipper, and he has really begun to notice the difference Nevaline is making, our breakthrough anti-aging serum.  His skin is softer and more hydrated.  It is easy to doubt the claims of a product in this day and age of hyped-up advertizing, but you can tell, Cyrus is not acting.  He is becoming a believer and anticipating good results.  Nevaline really works!  We’d LOVE to tell you more.  Visit us at 

DNP-The Fountain of Youth Within You

wednesday, JANUARY 16, 2013

A fountain of youth?  A general in the army?  Find out why the DNP in Nevaline is both in this video.  It has the power to trigger the regeneration and healing of skin tissues, reduce wrinkles, even out skin tone and improve skin texture.  A natural human peptide with a very high regulatory potential, DNP is so powerful, it will empower YOU to improve the health of your skin.  The fountain of youth truly is within you.  Turn it on with Nevaline.

No Gimmicks, No Hype

Monday, JANUARY 14, 2013

                                          James Week #2 Experience

“I like it.”  After using Nevaline for one week, James Moseley, is subtly impressed.  The annoying dark circles and puffiness around the eyes he had before, early signs of aging, are not so pronounced.  His skin feels more hydrated.  Nevaline, the one and only anti-aging serum with DNP, is working to repair existing signs of aging.  On the golf course and off, you can tell, James is a straight shooter.  He’s honest.  Nevaline is restoring health and youth to his skin.   How?  Found out more about our surprising new product at  

A Golfer Gets Wise


                                          Cyrus Week #1 Experience

Sun block has become a popular product to help prevent sunburn, skin cancer, etc. And golfers usually use higher SPF’s.  But do they work? To quote the FDA, "There is not adequate data demonstrating that products with SPF values higher than 50 provide additional protection compared to products with SPF values of 50."

As a PGA instructor, Cyrus Wu is out in the sun a lot, and without suncreen. That leads to sunburns and an uneven skin tone. In June 2011 the FDA warned: "Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin." This should clearly alert athletes like Cyrus as to the importance of skin protection. Now he has chosen to use Nevaline to repair his existing sun damage and prevent future skin problems. Let's see how it goes in the weeks ahead.

How Sunburn Accelerate AGING of Your Skin


Explore the incredible anti-aging powers of Nevaline in this video, and its “secret sauce” ingredient, DNP.  Just as UV rays can have a dramatic effect on aging, Nevaline can have a dramatic effect on reversing the aging process.  A sunburn is basically a hyper-accelerated form of aging.  It leads to a build up free radicals which damage and destroy skin cells.  If Nevaline can reverse the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, with regular use, think of what it can do for the health of your own skin!  Watch and prepare to be amazed.

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An Honest Assessment is on the Way

Monday, JANUARY 7, 2013

James Week #1 Experience

Longing for more honest advertising?  In the following video, meet James Moseley, a professional golfer, a real guy.  For the next four weeks he has agreed to use Nevaline, the one-of-a-kind anti-aging serum.  James is out in the sun a lot playing and teaching, and he has begun to notice the aging effects of over-exposure to the sun.  Nevaline will help rejuvenate and revitalize his skin.  And in the weeks ahead, you’ll get his sincere assessment of our unique product, so be sure to follow along.  But until then, read and hear more about our research, and the clinical evidence to back it up, at  It’s fascinating stuff!

Golfers and a Fountain of Youth

FriDay, JANUARY 4, 2013

      Happy New Year all!!!  Let 2013 be the year you give yourself back healthy, youthful skin!  How? Watch as two professional golfers with premature aging of their faces volunteer to use Nevaline, 
the amazing anti-aging serum.  We will record their progress each week right here, so don’t miss it.
As you know, golfers are out in the sun a great deal.  And professionals like Cyrus Wu and James Moseley are paying for it.   
Overexposure to the sun leads to inflammation, and an increase in free radicals that damage the skin’s structure and rob it of moisture. 
Now if that is too much science for you, don’t worry.  Nevaline, our amazing anti-aging serum, can take care of all of that and more. 
Nevaline contains DNP, a powerful signal peptide which regulates healthy skin cells and combats the sun’s negative effects.  It awakens a fountain of youth within you.
Cyrus and James have agreed to try Nevaline for four weeks.  They are athletes, not actors.  Sincere people like you and I, and they are about to experience the anti-aging power of Nevaline.  So follow along in the weeks ahead.
And whether you are golfing, fishing, sailing or surfing, play on and team up with Nevaline.

Anti-aging breakthrough in Science


Anti-aging breakthrough in Science 

There really IS a solution to skin improvement.  Learn more about the fascinating science behind Nevaline, our breakthrough anti-aging serum, in this video.  People have long been seeking a way to arrest the aging process.  To return to a time when their skin was younger.  Found exclusively in Nevaline, DNP is a natural human peptide, a protein, that regulates healthy skin cells.  When you were very young, it was found in you too.  Watch and learn how your body still has the innate ability to make baby smooth skin.  The fountain of youth isn’t out there somewhere, it’s within you.  Turn it on with Nevaline.